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Steering you to a brighter future

At M1 Capital Management, we are driven by your success. We help our clients to invest with intention to meet their goals. We become a partner through all walks of life. Whether you are retired, saving for retirement or building your family, our guidance, investing principals, planning and passion take you where you want to go.

Every new client will exprience our four step process. First we learn about our clients family, career, finances and goals. This helps both clients and advisor determine if their values align and there is potential for a great relationship. The second step is a deep dive into our clients' financial documents to make sure we understand the details of their financial situation and risk tolerance and can identify unique opportunities. The third step is planning and implmentation where our advisors meet with clients, discuss their findings, and work with them to institute the necessary changes. The final stage is an ongoing process to advise and evolve. Through periodic meetings and communication, we regularly update, pivot and rebalance our clients financial plan and portfolio.

Not only does this approach make us more accountable to our clients, but we believe it’s also more effective in helping them succeed.


Our firm is independent of large banks or brokerage firms allowing for independent advice built on education, experience, and knowledge. We are never excouraged to sell specific investments or expected to. Our only expectations come from our clients.


As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest legal standard (duty of care) in financial services which requires our advice and recommendations to always be in your best interest.

Client-First Philosophy

Our firm was built for and around our clients. We believe an open and transparent, client-centered relationship is the key to long-term success. Our thorough wealth planning process is driven by listening first, formulating a strategy, and following through with advice and world-class service.

Active, Customized Investing

Holistic Financial Plans
At M1 Captial Management our advice is fueled by holistic financial planning. By modeling out our clients expenses, goals, assets, liabilities and protection we can determine the most efficient financial tools and strategies to implement. We provide our clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that their future goals are achievable with the right plan.
Custom Asset Allocation
Once we better understand your goals and objectives, we can isolate which of our model portfolios is right for you, or we can build a customized portfolio just for you. After we determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we will invest your money into the most efficient assets with your personalized investment allocation.
Multiple Service Models
At M1 Capital Management we know each of our clients have their own level of proficiency and desire to engage with financial decision-making. We offer multiple service models so you can determine how you want to engage our services.
Personal Customer Service
M1 Capital is an independent firm. This means we are able to hand select our own team of experts to assist our clients to manage their finances. This also means that we can get to know our clients and they will get to know all of us. There will always be a familiar face to provide you with assistance for any matter large or small.

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