Rethinking Portfolio Management

M1 Capital Management is a Bloomfield Hills, MI based money management firm, founded by former principals of thinkorswim Advisors. We specialize in risk reduced tactical investing, blending alternative and traditional strategies.

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Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

We start with you....

Take our questionnaire and we can build from there.

Once we better understand your goals and objectives, we can isolate which of our model portfolios is right for you. Or, we can customize a portfolio just for you. After we determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we will then recommend a specific portfolio that we believe will accomplish your objectives.

You can view your portfolio in one of two ways - either by logging into your account at the custodian's website or by using the M1 online performance reporting module. Both systems are updated daily and will provide you with a detailed analysis of your accounts. The custodian will generate and send you a monthly statement of your account positions, and we will use our performance reporting site to generate a quarterly performance report. Both statements can be sent to you either by US Mail or via your email. M1 Capital has a disciplined and systematic approach to managing money. Quit guessing and call M1 today!

M1 Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios

The M1 Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) strategy consists of 6 models and offers you exposure to 16 asset classes. The portfolios invest in ETFs that are managed dynamically at the individual asset class level. Once we've constructed the initial portfolio, proprietary analytics are utilized to measure volatility, risk, and momentum of each asset class on a daily basis. When the analysis identifies a change in directional trends, the portfolios are positioned to capitalize on the directional changes. Asset classes demonstrating great potential for gain get a capital allocation; those that demonstrate greater potential for loss are divested and moved to cash. The primary goal of the strategy is to preserve capital in declining markets by moving to cash and to invest capital in asset classes that our analysis has identified as being in an upward trend.

When constructing your portfolio, we target the total exposure you will have to each asset class. (See below chart - Sample Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio). You will be either 100% invested in that asset class or in a money market fund waiting to be invested. Our strategy is different from other tactical allocation strategies that reweight asset classes instead of spreading the risks among all asset classes. Your asset class exposure will be pre-determined and you will either be fully invested in an asset class or in cash waiting for the proper time to be invested.

Once you agree to the portfolio recommendation, we then add your account to our allocator and monitor it daily for changes determined by our analytics. (See chart below - Sample Daily Signals for TAA Strategy).

Sample Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio

Sample of Daily Signals for Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

Alternative Asset Classes Traditional Asset Classes
2(green) = Buy
3(Yellow) = Neutral or Hold
4(Red) = Sell