Rethinking Portfolio Management

M1 Capital Management is a Bloomfield Hills, MI based money management firm, founded by former principals of thinkorswim Advisors. We specialize in risk reduced tactical investing, blending alternative and traditional strategies.

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Investment Strategies

Custom Portfolio Management

Our clients come from all walks of life. Cookie cutters are for bakers! We treat each client as an individual based on their specific needs and personal investment objectives. We are registered investment advisors… not brokers. We customize our recommendations based on your needs and objectives, not based on a commission. If our tactical models do not fit your investment needs and objectives, we would be happy to discuss other options.

Alternative Investing

Strategies once the exclusive domain of hedge funds and institutions are now available to our investors in their traditional accounts. The M1 GlobalMacro ETF Strategy is based on over 10 years of intensive quantitative research. This strategy pursues long/short opportunities in multiple markets around the world utilizing several different asset classes including currencies, commodities, equities, real estate, and fixed income.

Fixed Income

For those investors whose needs call for a fixed income component to their portfolio, we use a variety of fixed income products to meet these needs. We bring extensive experience in the fixed income markets, which we use when constructing portfolios designed to meet your objectives. Whether in municipals, treasuries or corporates, we can customize to suit your needs.