Rethinking Portfolio Management

M1 Capital Management is a Bloomfield Hills, MI based money management firm, founded by former principals of thinkorswim Advisors. We specialize in risk reduced tactical investing, blending alternative and traditional strategies.

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Investment Philosophy

At M1 Capital Management, we believe technical analysis provides a graphic representation of the collective judgment of all investors' fundamental opinions of a security. Therefore, it is our belief that technical analysis is merely an extension of a security's fundamentals.

We believe that all markets are driven first and foremost by the fundamental laws of supply and demand. Since the supply of a security does not usually change from day to day, the price change is best explained by the change in demand.

We measure demand with multiple indicators including, volume, convergence, divergence, relative strength, money flows, stochastics, prices and average prices over multiple time periods. The idea is to be in asset classes when demand is confirmed to be rising and out of various asset classes when demand is confirmed to be declining. We measure these confirmations of demand variables over short, intermediate and long term horizons. We define these three time horizons as six weeks, trailing quarter, and trailing three quarters.

Prices rise as demand increases and prices fall as demand declines. By focusing on demand for an asset class as the indicator of whether to be invested or to move to cash, we feel that we are able to add value to accounts versus the traditional buy and hold approach. We believe that this process has the ability to increase return and lower risk across markets, and asset classes both domestically and internationally.

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