Rethinking Portfolio Management

M1 Capital Management is a Bloomfield Hills, MI based money management firm, founded by former principals of thinkorswim Advisors. We specialize in risk reduced tactical investing, blending alternative and traditional strategies.

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Client Experience

An informed and educated client is a great client. At M1 Capital Management, we start off each relationship by trying to get a thorough understanding of your investment objectives. Whether it is via telephone, webcast or in person -- we like to dig into the details. Old statements are part of the process. Once we have analyzed your financial situation and had this discussion, we can provide you with a recommendation for the various goals you might want to achieve. We then educate you through a presentation to help you visualize where we believe we can add value to the investment process. A picture paints a thousand words. An educated client is a great client.

Once you have made the decision to work with us, you may choose to transfer your investment accounts to our preferred custodian. Next, we determine a schedule for follow-up discussions, and provide online access to not only the custodian client website, but also to our own M1 performance tracking website. Between the two sites, M1 clients can view or retrieve a variety of information about their accounts. As a client, you will receive monthly statements directly from the custodian, and we also generate quarterly portfolio performance statements from the performance reporting website. An informed client is a great client.

At M1, our fee structure is based on an annual percentage of the assets under management. We bill your account quarterly based on the account value at the end of the quarter. Because our fee is a fixed percentage -- when your account goes up, we make more. Conversely, when it goes down -- we earn less. This puts us on the same team.

If you are interested in learning more about M1, please complete our online questionnaire. Once you submit this short questionnaire, we will contact you to get you started on the road to creating a portfolio that is customized to your individual investment goals.

M1 Quarterly Performance Statement

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